How to Prepare Your Wall for Stucco Painting

Stucco is a masonry that is used as a home exterior. It is made of Portland cement, sand, lime, and water, and gives strength and durability to the exterior of your house. The exterior stucco has weather resistant properties that give protection your home from extreme climate conditions such as the hail and snow during winter and the extreme heat of the summer season.

The durability of your exterior stucco can last for several years. However, the paint may wear and the brick may tear due to changing climates. For the exterior stucco wall to last for longer years, it has to be well maintained by doing some repairing and repainting every at least five years.

If you think that your exterior stucco concrete has been protecting your home interior for long enough that the paint may have been worn and cracks are starting do become more obvious, it is a sign that you have to repair and stucco paint your exterior wall.

You may want to hire stucco painting services near you, but if you think that you somehow have the skills in masonry and painting, you can do the stucco painting yourself. However, you also need to follow and remember some useful and practical ideas and tips to repair your exterior siding. Also, before even stucco painting your wall, remember to prepare it first for painting. Here are some guides to prepare your exterior stucco.

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Helpful Tips for Preparing Your Walls for Stucco Painting

Clear the dust and dirt

Before painting your stucco walls, make sure that they are free from dirt. You may use a push broom to remove the dust particles. However, if your exterior stucco wall is deep textured, the bristles of the push broom may reach the deeper areas of the wall. Walls like this need to be cleaned using a power washer to effectively remove the dust and dirt.

Caulk the hairline cracks

Before your exterior stucco gets painted, apply a masonry-compatible waterproof sealant to caulk the cracked areas of your wall. there can be larger cracks on your wall, too, and caulk can be too costly to apply. For the larger and more obvious cracks, you will have to fill the cracked stucco sidings with a stucco repair mix. Make sure to follow the steps in preparing the product so you can have a durable wall filler for your exterior siding. Also, before filling the cracks, be sure to remove the loose debris in between the cracked parts.

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Increase the Durability of Your Exterior Stucco Sidings

If you just stucco paint your wall without cleaning and repairing the cracks, your exterior siding may look great, but it cannot serve its purpose for a longer span of time. In just a few years, your stucco wall may eventually tear down completely, and you will need to replace your siding, which will cost your more than when you do the necessary repairs before repainting it. Improve the durability and increase the lifespan of your exterior stucco by cleaning and repairing it before stucco painting your wall.