A central air conditioner is one of the best choices for an air conditioning system because it requires minimal upkeep and maintenance, has great cooling performance, and functions quietly and efficiently.

However, when there comes the inevitable time when you need routine maintenance performed on your central air conditioner, or perhaps some repairs and spare parts replaced, you will benefit a great deal if you have sufficient understanding of how a central air conditioner works. You can always call an excellent Singapore air conditioner service provider to perform these AC routine maintenance, other AC repair jobs, and also to consult with them. In this way, you will even gain more information about your centralized cooling appliance.

refrigeration cycle of a central air conditioner

The Refrigeration Cycle of a Central Air Conditioner

A central AC unit operates on electricity and removes heat from the indoor atmosphere through basic refrigeration principles.

The refrigerant will flow through a system of refrigeration lines which run in between the indoor part of the unit and the outdoor part. It will be the motorized fan that will pull the heat from the indoor air into the ductwork. This is when the refrigerant will be driven from the outside compressor coil into the evaporator coil on the inside. The evaporator coil is where the heat or warm air will be absorbed from the indoor atmosphere.

The cold air will then be pushed via the connecting ductwork to the air vents and into the entire house and thus reducing the degree of temperature.

Basically, this is the consistent refrigeration cycle of a central air conditioner that continues over and over to keep your home interior cool.

The Benefits of Choosing to Use a Central Air Conditioner

Cleaner and More Refreshing Indoor Air

Since your central air conditioner draws air out of various rooms inside the house via air ducts, the tendency for the air will be to be pulled through rather sophisticated air filters which will rid the indoor atmosphere of airborne particles, microscopic pollutants, and potential allergens such as dust, dirt, lint, and dander.

The cooled and filtered air will then be redirected to the ductwork which is responsible for carrying it back into the rooms of the house. This is one of the benefits of choosing to use central air conditioner which you may not gain from the more conventional air conditioning systems.

the benefits of choosing to use central air conditioner

Quiet Operation

A central air conditioner will make much less of a noisy mechanical reverberating buzz than the more traditional free-standing AC unit. The reason for this is because a central AC unit has its compressor located on the outside of the house so that the level of indoor sound given off is so much lower. It is even practically unnoticeable inside the house.

Ease and Convenience in Controlling the AC unit

Operating the cooling unit that controls the air in each separate room of the house is handy and easily accessible because the control is placed in only one location. It will be easy and convenient to turn the air on and off or higher or lower with the use of only one control unit that can be programmed to operate during specific periods of time and on specific levels of temperature.

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