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Pets & Kids

The Silas Griffith Inn welcomes well-mannered pets to the Inn! The same for children and adults! Of course, we do have a few rules to remember. Since your pets and children may have trouble remembering everything, we ask that their adult companions assist.

General Rules for Pets

  • We charge $25 per room for pets. This fee covers the special cleaning that we perform after a pet stays in one of our guest rooms.
  • For safety reasons, we ask that you not leave your pet unattended for extended periods either in your room or in your car.
  • All common rooms of the Inn are strictly off-limits to our pet visitors. Our own dogs, however, are allowed access to the first floor of the Manor House on a limited basis.
  • Since we don't require a security deposit, we only ask that you agree to pay for any cleanup or damage that may result from pet "misbehavior."

Special Rules for Special Dogs

Special Rules for Dogs

  • Your dog must always be on leash outside of your room during your stay with us.
  • Please clean up after your pets. Plastic bags are available at the front desk if you need them. Please dispose of them in the dumpster.

Special Rules for Cats

Special Rules for Special Cats
  • We strongly recommend that you transport your cat in a pet carrier.
  • You must provide and maintain a sanitary litter box in your room at all times.

General Guidelines for a Pleasant Stay

We are a Family-Friendly Inn, with ample space and activities for all ages. We ask that everyone be considerate of the needs and privacy of other guests.

Please note that our rooms are on second and third floors, with open stairs. Parents with toddlers should exercise caution!

All of our guest rooms include a DVD player. Movies are available at the front desk, on loan to our guests. Ask for popcorn.

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