Most people scramble for the front door at the sight of roaches. It’s so bothering to have pests in your homes. There are numerous pests in different sizes, others you can’t even see with your naked eye.

This article discusses different options of doing pest control. Do you opt for doing it yourself or hire Pest Control Pros? Additionally, you need to know about pest control cost.

Pests and Rodents

Do It Yourself Pest Control Tips:

Before applying pesticides consider cleaning your surroundings first. Pests love dirty places. Most pests reside in kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, dining areas, etc. If you still see pests around then go on. You have to consider using non-chemical measures.

Household pesticides are available anywhere in your local stores. It doesn’t mean though that they are harmless. In eradicating common household pests are cockroaches, rodents, flies, mosquitoes, etc., you have key points to consider.

Choosing the Right Pesticides

Which pest do you want eradicated? Buy the right pesticide. Probably those rats on your roof maybe newborn kittens. Select the lowest schedule of household pesticide and use the least amount. Remember they are harmful chemicals. Don’t be too obsessed with being pest free; it may never happen.

Pesticide Safety

Buy enough quantity of pesticides. Stock it away from children’s reach. Read instructions on the labels carefully. Be sure to employ precautionary measures as instructed. If you’re using a mechanical control like rodent baits, keep it away from children and pets access. Wear protective gears always. Wash your hand thoroughly after doing pest control.

Be sure to seek medical attention immediately if there is pesticide poisoning. Consider hiring Pest Control Pros next time.

How Do You Choose Pest Control Service?

Selecting a pest control service is a no brainer if pest infestations are extensive or doing it yourself is not working. What are the criteria in choosing the right people?

Look for quality and value. Be sure that you contract the most competent people. Handling pesticides is not a simple thing. Misusing them causes damage to health, proper and environment.

Doing research will not harm you. Check the yellow pages and online. See what are the services they offer. Ask for quotations from them.

Check their track record. Are they providing you with a list of clients? If so then contact a few of them.

Ask for their licenses and certifications. You’ll feel safe that the pest control technicians are certified and underwent proper training. Be sure to ask for a copy of their licenses and certification.

How Much Does Pest Control Cost?

Pest control costs depends on the following. Frequency of treatment. How often do you require them to come? Apart from initial costs of inspection, they will charge according to frequency whether monthly, semi monthly, quarterly or a one time treatment only.

Which pests require eradication? They can get rid of some pests easily. But some like roaches, ticks, rats, fleas, termites, etc are always there to pester you.

The area for pest control. Estimates vary according to the size of your house.Pest Control


If you do pest control on your own, you have to ensure safety for the family. Pest control contractors can do it for you if you choose to. They are certified and well trained to do the job.