It seems weird that self-storage is a progressing industry so rapidly. This industry is booming in America today. The demand for a self storage unit and particularly climate controlled units has increased more than ever.

The U.S. self-storage statistics showed that the 2016 revenue for self-storage was estimated to be $32.7 billion. The figures are expected to increase. The self-storage construction spending has risen rapidly in 2016.

Have Americans become pack rats that caused the progression of the self-storage industry?Self storage rentals

This article will tackle about the reasons why storage is needed and what features do you need to rent a storage unit?

Who Needs a Self Storage Unit?

It is in demand today with particular groups of people. Typically those who undergo some transition or some phase in life needs them. Who are these people? They are the following individuals: empty nesters requiring to downsize; those who just got laid off from work or their position was declared redundant; people who need to relocate to another place to look for work; those who got divorced. The thing is, it is not only those who are going through a transition needs self-storage. Anybody nowadays needs some more space for their stuff.

What Features Do You Need for Storage?

*Location. It must be at least near where you are currently living for convenience. You can easily collect your things if you need them.

*Security. See to it that it is a gated facility with 24-hour surveillance alarm systems with ample lighting. There must be individual door alarms and electronic passcode entry gates.

*Climate control. The unit is temperature and humidity controlled to prevent warping of wood, corrode electronics, discolor documents and make clothes smell musty.

*Free moving truck valet service. They have this facility for free, but you have to plan ahead and arrange your moving date schedule with them.

*Storage unit sizes. See to it that they have an available unit of your desired size.

Here are some storage tips to handle the storage process easily:Climate controlled storage

*Plan or map it. Draw a sketch of the room and the layout where you plan to stack your things to find things again easily. Example: one pile are for the kid’s stuff, next pile is kitchen stuff, and another pile is for office stuff.

*Divide and conquer. Allow for a clearer path down the center and stacking your things along the walls.

*Keep your frequently used items at the front part of the unit.

*Think stack when you pack. To maximize space pack heavy items at the bottom to have a stable base.

*Keep a folding stool or ladder to avoid overreaching to access your items stored above your head.

*Keep essential tools handy like screwdrivers, pliers, utility knives.

*Re-purpose the fridge. If you store a fridge fit in other stuff like books, jackets, etc. Keep the fridge slightly opened for circulation.

Final Note

Prices for self storage will vary depending on size and other features you choose. Plan your move ahead and be wise in storing your stuff.