Your house is one your most precious and financially expensive possession. Hence, it goes without saying that you need to make the best out it in terms of its appearance as well as durability of the materials used in constructing it.

Among a range of house siding options, vinyl siding is by far the most preferred siding installation and there is no end to its growing popularity in the United States. Why? Because of two very important reasons: its wide range of color options and low maintenance cost.

Vinyl Siding Rennovation

What exactly is Vinyl Siding?

It is a plastic siding for the exterior of your house used for the purpose of weatherproofing as well as decoration while also fulfilling the purpose of imitating wood clapboard.

Vinyl Profiles

Vinyl house sliding is available in a range of different profiles to choose from as per your preference. These include:

  • Horizontal and Vertical Panels
  • Patterned in fish scales or scallops
  • Shakes designs
  • The board and batten pattern
  • Beaded designs
  • And finally, the Dutch lap

Use of Vinyl House Siding by Modern Manufacturers

Recently in the past couple of decades, vinyl siding has become one of the best and most preferred siding options by the modern manufacturers in the US. The reason is that vinyl protects your house exterior better than any other material as its fading rate in extreme sun exposure is a lot lower than any other cladding. Even dark colors do not tend to get faded very easily and this helps manufacturers gives their clients a warranty of as long as fifty years when using vinyl siding.

Vinyl Siding Exterior For Your Home

While laying down the siding, two layers of PVC is used. The top layer has a 25% of siding thickness and its objective is to protect from weather conditions and stay strong even in extreme UV lights. It also comprises of approximately 10% of titanium dioxide. On the other hand, the second layer consists of 15% ground limestone and some amount of butadiene is mixed in order to keep the layers intact. During the process, modern manufacturers also use lubricants that help them in the manufacturing process.

Advantages of Vinyl House Siding

Below is a comprehensive list of the advantages that vinyl siding users boast about:

  1. Typically, with vinyl siding, you can rest assured for as long as forty to fifty years that it will remain durable.
  2. Vinyl sidings are easy to clean. You only require water and a power hose to clean it as brand new.
  3. Unlike wood materials that decay easily, you get the same wood texture with vinyl siding and it will not deteriorate.
  4. Vinyl siding offers you an endless and a great variety of color palettes to choose from as you desire.
  5. Even if you live in colder areas, vinyl siding offers insulated versions also that go perfectly with cold weather and help you maintain energy efficiency.
  6. As mentioned above, it is one of the most cost-saving yet durable cladding options to consider while you are thinking to redo your house.

Wrap Up:

If you are looking for a cost effective replacement for your homes exterior, vinyl siding offers extreme weather protection and is extremely affordable.